Welcome to the 33rd Singapore Pharmacy Congress (SPC)!

The 33rd SPC will be held on the 5 & 6 October 2024 at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore. This year’s theme, “Interlacing Health: Weaving the Future of Pharmacy,” emphasises our multifaceted roles as pharmacists and the synergy required between us, other healthcare professionals, and industry partners to weave a seamless fabric of the healthcare continuum, ensuring optimal service delivery, population health, and sustainability.

As Singapore and the rest of the world face a demographic shift towards super-ageing societies, we are seeing an increase in the burden of care and a surge in healthcare costs. These challenges call for further collaboration and the development of transdisciplinary skills. This year’s congress focuses on empowering pharmacists with practices in person-centred value-based care and leveraging on digitalisation, automation, and artificial intelligence to address tomorrow’s healthcare challenges by co-creating innovative solutions today.

Furthermore, we are broadening our impact by launching an inaugural hackathon and hosting innovative pre-congress workshops, as well as collaborating with international and local leaders for meaningful scientific exchanges. At the same time, the congress upholds its tradition of offering inspiring and diverse sessions on the latest in pharmacy practice and pharmaceutical sciences while also providing great opportunities for networking and social interaction.

We look forward to your presence at the 33rd Singapore Pharmacy Congress!

Mr Kevin Ben Laurence
Chairperson, 33rd SPC

Dr Vivianne Shih
President, Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore